Redrum: A Mystery
Man found dead in hotel room.
The body of Patrick Tay, 24, was discovered this morning in the Red Room of the Morrigan Hotel where he was working as part of the housekeeping staff. He was found with 13 stab wounds to the back. His assailant and the motive are still unknown. The area has been cordoned off and investigation is ongoing.
As Scene of the Crime Operatives, you are tasked to investigate this grisly murder. You have one hour to expose the killer and determine the motives behind the crime.
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The Survival Game
Kidnapped! You have been abducted by a secret order who torments their victims in what they call “The Survival Game.” You wake to find yourselves trapped in their play room with a one-hour countdown to play their twisted game and save your life. The clock is ticking! Play the game and free yourself or else you die!
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Girl in the Mirror
A mother is convinced that the recent disappearance of her daughter is linked with the supernatural. Prior the disappearance, she observed eerie and disturbing changes in her daughter and in her household. Investigation by the police authorities are ongoing, but she seeks the help of supernatural experts such as you. You will need to bravely enter the spirit world to search for the lost girl. Are you brave enough to enter the door? Would you have the strength to come back from the other world?
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