•   First of all, We had a big expectation.. we thought that that someone would try to touch us etc. BUT We are glad that we had a lot of puzzles and stuff to solve during the game. For me, It was a great experience though. HOPEFULLY, we will finish Lucilas Curse again when we come back soon :) and we will try the other escape rooms too :) So.. THUMBS UP to all of you ;) PS* BABALIK RIN KAMIII!!

    thumb Herstine Sistual
  •   Wow... It was so much fun. We just had our time a few hours ago and knowing there was a blackout, we felt like our brain cells were overused solving the mystery.. Too bad we were almost there.. One code left.. So much fun.. We are going back for revenge... And thanks Magic 89.1 for the experience..

    thumb Mimmy Yuarata Nicolas
  •   Mugana jud imong utok ug dugo nga nagtinga, Unique and interesting game that can give you a best gaming experience. and i love it Thank youuuu... Sa mga taong nakauban nko. ug sa mga staff. nila sobrang enjoy....

    thumb Vin Mar SonSay
  •   The best experience, from the start to the last.

    thumb 月島蛍
  •   We were not able to escape, but we did have fun :) Next time ulit!!! :))))))) Thank you for the experience :) #Lucila

    thumb Abigail Bibera