•   Super fun family bonding! Highly recommended to all! :)

    thumb Jay Kay Bee ArEl
  •   The best experience, from the start to the last.

    thumb 月島蛍
  •   Wow... It was so much fun. We just had our time a few hours ago and knowing there was a blackout, we felt like our brain cells were overused solving the mystery.. Too bad we were almost there.. One code left.. So much fun.. We are going back for revenge... And thanks Magic 89.1 for the experience..

    thumb Mimmy Yuarata Nicolas
  •   Very disappointing online reservation system. We booked online with all the available slots for our big group and reservation went through.. We already planned and organized the clan gathering-- only to be told later that the system isn't working and all the slots are taken. Frustrated with the inefficiency.

    thumb Medel Aviles
  •   Definitely enjoyed it! I think it's one of the best choices to go for if you're looking for some squad bonding! We tackled the Haunting at the Sacred Life Hospital and it's either you piss your pants from laughing too hard because of your team or getting really scared from all those very immersive visual and audio effects. I am a mystery lover and I can say that the way they immerse you into the mystery is so well done. It really, really, really challenges your logical thinking skills while being pressured by time and gets your inner detective persona out. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, too. I can go on and on and solve all the mysteries they have because it's so fun that you'd want more.

    thumb Janizzah Yu